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Hello. Glad you came back. I missed your projects. :)

i love you guys so much!!!!


Hello, great game,  just to make sure, am I supposed to do anything in this game or is it not completed yet.


It's not completed yet, just a tech test really - will be adding some storyline/puzzle content soon!!

Alright, thanks alot looking forward to it.


for me the framerate stayed under 30. I'm using a crappy school chromebook though so it's probably not what most people will have.

Thanks for the feedback!! Was it still playable?


yeah the framerate was just a bit choppy. 

OK thanks!!


Very cool! Love the audio design you did there. I think the hit boxes to look at spots should be bigger, because some of them are kinda hard to find with the mouse. Also, it would be nice to right-click with the mouse to "go back".


Framerate looks better now. Stays at 60 if not moving the camera, down to 57 or 58 when moving. Before the update it would be in the 40s sometimes.

Great, thanks so much for the feedback!!