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A Scary SciFi Point & Click Adventure Series.

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Episode 5 in the Being One series - Earth is under attack by your followers and you are tracking Dr Rycroft to a Nanostation he left co-ordinates to.

You must try to find out what sick and twisted experiments he has performed on you in the past. Find out who he is involved with and hopefully get to see him face to face?

You need to know what you are, who you are and most importantly Rycroft must pay for what he has done!

PREVIOUS EPISODE 4 : - https://psionicgames.itch.io/being-one-episode-4

EPISODE 6 IS AVAILABLE HERE:- https://psionicgames.itch.io/being-one-episode-6


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Hey, Si. I really hope you see this. I have not played 5 yet but I have to say that the Being One series (and Ghostscape) was my FAVORITE back when I was into browser games. Nothing else i had played spooked and inspired me nearly as much as this series, so I want to applaud your devotion to making these. Being One was most iconic to me and my brother back when we found it, because they were seriously gripping and immersive games, especially for point and click flash games back in 'the day'. I don't remember what site we used to play them on, but boy do I remember these.

I really hope you keep making awesome stuff, and I wish you the best because you seriously deserve it!


Holy cow! What amazing graphics! How the heck? How many years did this take? If less than one, how many people are in your team? This is friggin incredible! All the details, animations, scenes, cutscenes, and everything. Simply wow. Loved shooting everything. Loved the extensive environment animations. Loved the minigames. Loved the story. Loved it all. Surprising that no-one else seems to have found it. 

Thanks, glad you liked it. I am a one man team, I create everything!!

and yeah it took a couple of years to make and I wish it was more well known but the one thing I am no good at is marketing/social media etc ;-)