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What happened to Ghostscape 4? I just came to try it and I noticed it is not online anymore.

I come from your older games made in flash, It's really amazing how this didn't get old!! I really appreciate this game! I hopy you can post another like this!!


Anyway, I'll always love this type of game,It  reminds me of when I was a kid,those games is scaried,but the stories were good!

While not the scariest haunted house game or piece of media I've seen, I loved the atmosphere and the style of point & click interactivity. You don't see enough 3D games like that, except maybe for "The Room" series on mobile and iPAD. The colors and level of detail here also reminded me of late 90s pre-rendered 3D games, so it had that nostalgic warmth. 

Really really excellent work!

Please play it in 1280 x 720 or 1920x1080 Resolution (window or non-windowed fullscreen) widescreen otherwise it cuts the sides off


Worked like a charm. I had dropped the resolution to 640X480 so I'm guessing I went the opposite direction. Never thought to increase. Thank You..

So glad - It's because the aspect ratio was intended to be 1280x720 or 1920x1080 - Made a note on the game page and install instructions - Thanks for letting me know ;-)


Far right side pentagon wheel not accessible. I know it's been 4 yrs since you posted the game but I have always liked your games and I just ran across it now. Paid the asking price as you certainly deserve it and have never had an issue with your games until now. I have tried everything I could think of. Uninstalled game and reinstalled, changed resolution and searched every where in the beginning to see if the far right pentagon was hidden some where else. Nada.. Hopefully you can relay some actions I can take. Really looking forward to playing but without the far pentagon I'm dead in the water. Thanks 


Will look into it!!

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Please play it in 1280 x 720 or 1920x1080 Resolution (window or non-windowed fullscreen) widescreen otherwise it cuts the sides off - WILL make a note on the game page etc!! Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the inconvenience


You have nothing to be sorry for my friend. Simple problem and you responded immediately with the fix. BIG fan of your games. Ghostscape and Being One are awesome. Thank you for the great entertainment....

You're welcome - Currently working on some new projects ;-

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I can't start the game, I only get as far as the title screen. I can press the begin button but nothing happens. :^(

Alpha 1 Raft 1.06


Next Alpha: Putting Resources For 1.05 (Windows) To Linux


(I could add ScreenSelector.png To Windows And Mac)


Good stuff, looks nice and is fun to play. Great job!


I have a dell inspiron notebook duo core Intel.

The mouse lags just enough in Ghostscape3d remastered, too be too annoying.

It's possible that the laptop may not have a powerful enough graphics card (integrated) please try the game at a lower resolution/quality at the initial start/setup page and let me know if that's any better?


NOW FREE - Donate a little to help support me or just get 'em for free ;-)


I remember playing the original back when it first came out. Somehow I missed out on the 3D remake?! Glad I came across it in your feed, Very well done! I purchased it with a donation. It's not much but every little bit helps! You've given me hours of enjoyment over the years! I hope to be able to help out more with Being One 6!


Thank you, I really appreciate it!!


PC UPDATE 1.1 - 19 JULY 2016

Redone the FULL ending (much more positive & just cooler)

Updated texture on hanging bodies

I have remastered Ghostscape 3D for PC and it's available via for FREE or pay what you think it's worth!

*I have upped the quality of all textures and I am now using Unity's awesome new Standard Shader.
*I have added Ambient Occlusion and various other lighting FX.
*It also supports glorious FULLSCREEN using the full power of your GFX card!
*Fixed some minor bugs & tweaked stuff in general.
*NEW ending coming soon.

Please check it out, Share it, Tweet about it, link it on Facebook etc as I'm a one man developer and this game took about 5-6 months of hard work to create and it needs your support!! Thanks in advance ;-)