Ghostscape 4 - EARLY TEST PART 1

This is a very early test of the first part of Ghostscape 4

There's still lots of things missing and still stuff to do but I couldn't wait to show you guys this mix of 2D & 3D as I think it has a massive potential for my future games and also should run on lower end PC's as well! (I have a GT1030 and it runs fine)

Please provide me with feedback, issues, ideas etc - all are welcome!

If you want to support me and my future games you can donate a couple of dollars using the donate button under the game, if not that's cool too. Enjoy it for FREE ;-)


Published 9 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorPsionic Games
Made withUnity


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  • Added all 4 notes
  • Added all 4  Obsidian Spheres
  • Moved some stuff around - fixed some minor bugs...
  • Still got to add 4 events & ORBS - plus some other stuff tomorrow!!

Eaaassyy!.. In fact, This is a  very cool! I was enjoyed. Old times are back. I'm waiting for the next parts!


Thanks there's still quite a bit more to add to this first part but I wanted to make it relatively easy so new players would figure it out quickly ;-)


I also think the first levels should be easy. At the beginning the game is easy, at the end game - unbearable!


Absolutely loved seeing the old point and click style return. I do feel like these puzzles were a little simplistic compared to other games.

If you would make this into a full length game with all the little things and details the previous titles had, but it being in this style, I would definitely pay some money for it!


Thanks for the feedback, I wanted to keep the first part very simple to introduce some of the 2D/3D concepts. Things will get more complicated in later levels ;-)

It will be a full length game by Halloween, I will be adding the other 3 sections over the next few weeks so keep checking back for updates!!


I will excitedly be waiting for when my email tells me that you updated the game!