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Killer Escape is a point & click escape adventure set in a cold dark cell where a mysterious serial killer is holding you!

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You must escape from this cell, simple as that!


** 9 WEBS = 2 in cell, 2 in Boiler room right, 1 in Boiler room left, 2 in Storage room, 2 in Locker room.

NEXT EPISODE - https://psionicgames.itch.io/killer-escape-2


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Psionic Games can you please make this in to Unity please thank-you

I've been having a problem where I've gotten all three of the valve regulators and all three of the fail safes, but the boiler meters don't get full enough to let me explode it. Is this part of the game that I have to figure out, or a problem I'm the only one having? Help please! (Otherwise, REALLY GOOD GAME!!!) :)


I escaped the room without a walkthrough, so I feel pretty proud of myself. You did geniunely scare me at one point, so kudos to you! :D Took me about 29 minutes to escape and that's a pretty good length for a game like this. The only place I got stuck was some of the valve controls. I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to click and drag or just click, but I eventually fiddled with them and solved them. The overall theme is really intense and you've built the story world out really nice! Definitely going to play Chapter 2!


Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment. Also well done for getting through without the walkthrough, that's pretty awesome and in good time as well!


I played the game thoroughly, beat it without needing the walkthrough, was great for a point and click game :P Even more visually impressive than the Don't Escape series by Scriptwelder. I can't wait to play the next 2 and the 4th :P

Episode 3 is a bit weird but it will make more sense when I actually find time/money to create episode 4 ;-)