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You escaped from 'The Burner' in episode 1 and climbed up a ladder to the level above.

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Greeted by a blood soaked floor and some doors with 'The surgery' written on them you have no choice but to go through them. There is no way back, only onwards and upwards!

What fresh horrors will this place reveal and what can you discover about who is doing all this?

More importantly can you escape again?

NEXT EPISODE - https://psionicgames.itch.io/killer-escape-3

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorPsionic Games
Tagsblood, Creepy, escape, Horror, Indie, killer, killer-escape, Point & Click, psionic, scary


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You can still play it 


Dang, this needs Flash...

It's only 1/4/2021 and I already miss Flash...

All the Killer Escape series was on Android, what happened? Please bring it back to Android, I really wanna replay these again 😣


what do you do on the computor


whats the number for starting 


I won this game in 28:57, my new high score, yay.


I love this game, Thank you psonic games.


What a fkin mistake to play your games during midnight. I just can't take jumpscares, my heart is too weak for this. (well guess I should've seen that coming while playing a game titled "KILLER escape".) But other than that, this game brings back memories. I've played another game of yours called Icescape back when I was very young and just by now I find out you make a lot more flash games than that. They're great, including this one of course. Although I kinda hate jumpscares I still consider this game a high quality one as far as flash goes. Thank you for being a part of my sweet childhood memory.


Lol you're welcome


your game fucking sucks bro


How shitty is your life?


what life i dont have one


U fucking suck shit u asshole this game is sick ur just motherfucking gay


Wow. I definitely enjoyed this game. 


Thanks for playing!


its superb


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!


While all other riddles were challenging as they should, the computer riddle is  definitely badly designed with not the slightest clue as to what kind of commands that computer input expects. Not everyone gets the idea to enter "help" into the command line, and to enter "top", "right", etc. before the numbers also is mentioned nowhere.

Apart from that, great game as usual.

Agreed, I don't know what I was thinking back then ;-) Nothing I can do about it now though as Flash is long dead...Thanks for playing!


Wait........it does tell you the numbers on the photos and after that by the computer move the gas can then type in open door 1


great superb...super cool.


*Rawr* Hello everyone! I finally got to playing Killer Escape 2 after having beaten the first game a week or so ago! If I had to give a rating between the first two? I prefer the first game. The 'enemy' in this game, the nurse....was very strange?...Spoke strangely, wasn't exactly intimidating, and the ending of her last appearance at the exit was....de-immersive? Comical and stupid-looking :l Everything else and the puzzles were good, except the part at the computer where am sure most people would get lost on what to type or what the game expects or wants you to type, may not be what people imagine. I expect many to get stuck at the computer.