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A year old and I didn't get to it til now! Added it to my series of K.E, now onto the 4th!

Thanks for playing and recording a video, it all helps!!

Also if you didn't get KE4 whilst it was free, give me a shout and send you a key.


Not a problem!  I had seen it and got it while it was free :P But thanks anyways!


Game is alright, although there are a lot of click spots with no obvious visual hints. I still beat it though, there was no walkthrough needed! Also the secret orbs show up again after clicking away from the brain even if there already collected.

Yeah, it wasn't the best game I ever made...Killer Escape 4 will kick ass and explain the freaky alien stuff too - Watch This Space ;-)

what are all the codes 4 the doors in killer 3

They are randomly generated each play through...


this one is really hard..but I Escape Those Too ..A Pretty Good Game