Should have the first part of Ghostscape 4 online by the weekend based on this engine...then I'll release the other 3 parts over the next 3 weeks ( as I make them) ready for Halloween....WATCH THIS SPACE


This is just a test scene (using Unity WEBGL) for an Engine I am making to create 2D/3D Rendered Point & Click games 'old school' style and for those of you who like that kind of thing -  I need some feedback ;-)

  • It's very BASIC currently just some mouseovers and stuff but it will expand!
  • First does it run OK on your older computers? Some spec info helps.
  • There's an FPS counter in the top right corner and it should be around 50-60FPS??
  • Does it work on various browsers? Which one do you use?
  • Are there any loading issues, game issues, bugs etc

I have finally decided that I need 2D & 3D if I am to make the games I want to create and for them to work on all computers/phones/tablets etc it's the only way.

My 3D stuff struggles to run how I want it to look on all peoples machines and the 2D stuff needs something more in this day and age so this is my solution!



Development log


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does the glass have any use?

or has quadrant 4 not yet been added?

Should have the first part of Ghostscape 4 online by the weekend...then I'll release the other 3 parts over the next 3 weeks ( as I make them) ready for halloween....WATCH THIS SPACE

Had a nightmare week, Graphics card died on me and caused unrecoverable error in Windows 10!!

After almost two days of messing about I am finally back up and running using the integrated video card on the motherboard - oh well at least it gives me a more reasonably powered machine to develop on.

On top of that I upgraded to Unity 2018.2 and it broke a LOT of things in the engine, again it's taken a day but I'm finally back to where I need to be.

Game Dev eh? Fun Fun Fun ;-)


This is coming along really nicely, I love the 3D interaction/puzzles. The chest puzzle is clever ;) Excited to hear this will be a 4 part release!


Thanks for checking it out!! More news soon...



  • Added chest puzzle
  • Made puzzles keep their state even if you quit half way through
  • Various other bits & bobs fixed & tweaked

This will probably be the last build before it becomes a proper game (at least the first part of a 4 part release i'm planning for this game) 

Thanks for all the feedback so far and I'll drop more news in a couple of weeks (in theory) when the game will be released for FREE on webGL and Android!!

Then it'll be updated with part 2, 3 & 4 as and when I create those parts...like DLC but FREE ;-)


Looking good.  Though I'm not sure the "puzzles keep their state" thing is working...I reloaded the page and opened the game again and everything was reset.

I didn't mean on reload, I meant on exit from the puzzle and re-entering ;-)

Ah ok, yeah that makes more sense.  I didn't even realize it didn't do that before... :-)

each level should only take 5-15 mins to complete so i haven't made it save the states permanently as it gets complicated ;-)

Try putting 9:35 into the clock...there will be a clue in game soon.


Latest version looks good.  Framerate still fine for me.  I like the new font on the notes.  It's a little jarring to have the music change every time you toggle between main view and item view....but perhaps we'll be interacting with each item for long enough in the actual game that that won't be an issue.

i think I'll lower the volume of the music and also have it fade in and out for a smoother transition.

Try putting 9:35 into the clock...


Heh, so after seeing this I went and looked around the game some more looking for a clue I missed, before seeing your other post.  At least in the process I discovered the hotspots on the animals that I missed before.  Twisted little bastards... :-)

hah hah well spotted.  


The penguin just wanted an ice cream, and you're all calling him a twisted bastard like the rest!

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I'm pegged at around 63fps in both Firefox and Chrome.  Specs:  i5 760, 8gigs RAM, Win 10 x64.

Love the interface, though i feel like the direction of rotation when clicking and dragging the 3D objects is not entirely intuitive...

Thanks for the feedback!!

Agreed on the 3D drag/rotation being 'weird' it's sorted now. Updated!


Oh yeah, MUCH better.  Seems totally natural now.

Thanks again for the feedback. I will be back on this project next week so expect lots of updates...


12th JUNE 2018 - Another update

OK things are moving along now, getting some basic background scenery in there now and I will shortly add some decent objects to inspect.

Please let me know if it runs OK (FPS in top right corner) especially on low-end machines




9th June 2018 - Lil Update...

Converted a million things behind the scenes to work with the new 2.5D system that allows me to mix 2D and 3D elements in ways I never could before - very exciting - all the while keeping performance high for low spec machines and mobile devices!!

Added an object viewer so you can look all around certain 3D objects - obviously this has great potential for new gameplay elements and puzzle designs!!

Have a play around and let me know if it runs OK on your machine - More updates very soon!!



Hi, this is great news! I like the 2D/3D mix and especially being able to view items in 3D, that will definitely add to more interesting puzzle possibilities :) 

I'm running on a 3 year old laptop with an Intel integrated chipset using Firefox and it loads super quick and runs perfectly at a steady 60 fps.


I did a quick test for you. Here's the video and my specs are amd 6300, 8 gigs of memory. windows 10 64bit. 2 x SSD. No glitches at all.

Both windows and full screen


Great! Thanks for testing it out & for the feedback, really appreciate it.

Anytime Psionic Games,

I'm not working at the moment, so I'm going to play a few moreof  your games and post the vids up for you.

Cheers and GL


I really appreciate that and if you need any FREE codes just let me know ;-)


Works great for me on Intel I5 laptop with integrated graphics, so anyone should be able to play it :)


Great, Thanks! That's just what I needed to know.


Nice work so far, i'm getting steady 60 fps base pc specs below

I5 3570k (not over clocked)

16Gb ram


Hoping for some nice creepy atmosphere :D

Thanks, good to know it works for you, appreciate the feedback & specs!


All is working (probably). Can I leave the room?


Nope not yet, it's just one view, you can look under the table that's all -  very BASIC so far (a days work)  ;-)

This project is more about making a game that anybody can play regardless of their PC specs.