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Icescape 2 has reduced my lifespan 

Lol thanks for playing guys, appreciate it!! Commented on your youTUBE vids ;-)

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Heyo, I remembered playing part of Urbex back in the days of Armor Games, so I found it on Flashpoint and recorded a video on it. It was great fun, and I'm planning to make more videos on the other games soon. 

I may also do a speedrun and a 100% run trying to find all the secrets.

edit: i have since done the following ghostscape 2 playthrough, and am currently in the middle of editing my ghostscape 3d one.

Did anyone so far got antivirus alert on this pack? I have on 4 files for packed.Win32.MUPX.Gen@129019204 something... namely on these:
beingone - from beingone to beingone 5.

Best Regards.


I've set it back to the SWF pack whilst I investigate the exes, I didn't get any alerts when I scanned the files.

Thanks for letting me know so soon!!

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Thank you, so this is false alert I guess. It happens from time to time.

Best Regards.


Maybe, but I have returned it to the SWF's for the time being until I can be sure.


NOW added as EXE's to make it simpler for people to play them.

Download, Extract them from the zip and Double Click to play!!


Did you make Projector EXE's or create them in binary form with some other tool (e.g. Electron + Electron Packager)?

(I know this is a duplicate ask. You can ignore my question in the devlog & just respond to this one.)


I used this:-

So, basically... it's a 3rd party program that uses an included older version of Flash Projector. Nice... but why not just use the official relevant version of Projector, itself?

I'm assuming you still use Adobe Flash Pro or the newer Adobe Animate CC?


Some of my games are 10-15 years old and not even made with Flash (I used SwishMAX) so I only have mostly the SWF's


I LOVE your games!! I play them repeatedly and I'm always excited to see a new one. I think it's awesome that you have these available for download. I will be making a donation as soon as I get paid, I normally wouldn't do that but I feel it's justified in this case because of the many hours of entertainment you have provided for me. I'm always looking for other games that compare in quality, there are some I've been able to find that come close.
Pastel Games has a great selection of awesome games too that he's created.

I've even made a blog just for myself (It's public but I don't get many people who look at it) with links to play all my favourite point and click games, and yours are the first ones I added.

Thank you for sharing !!
Jamie - British Columbia, Canada


I'm not generally one to look a (free) gift horse in the mouth but...flash?  Really now?

I understand that porting them to something like HTML5 may take a bit of work, but it would be far better to do than to tell people to grab a SWF player.  This isn't one like DOSBox that is open-source and feature-complete.

You could just convert them to self-contained EXE files (contains the player embedded within that 'just works').  Would take a few minutes at most.

Also with the size of the files, 7-zip may be a good idea to offer as a secondary/alternate download for those on limited bandwidth.

I wish you the best of luck with your Patreon endeavors.

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Some of these games were made back in 2007 and the source files and even the Flash version I built them on no longer exists.

It's no small feat to dig out all 30 files from the last 12+ years, fix all the issues and update to work in Adobe Flash CS6 (some were built with swishMAX which doesn't exist anymore) and converting them to HTML5 would be a massive endeavour.

They are purely for those who want to play a few old nostalgic games and for most (I assume) it's just a case of double clicking the SWF and it runs fine.

As for the file size I don't think 140 megabytes is that big a download for a pack of 30 games in this day and age.

Thanks for the best wishes on my Patreon endeavours, appreciate it!

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That feeling when someone completely ignores a post...

Ok so for anyone who wants to just run these WITHOUT installing Flash, here you go:

If I were the dev, I'd have already converted them all to EXE files and included two 7z archives; one with SWF files and one with EXE files so that people can grab the ones they want.

Also one does not assume that people have Flash installed on their system since both Flash and Java have been completely deprecated for about a decade now.  YT and even most pr0n sites stopped using it; those that insist on Flash being installed have seen their userbases drastically shrink.  Adobe has been promoting their AIR system which is the descendent of the old Flash Runtimes.  Those that still require JRE to be installed have suffered a similar decline.  MineCraft was the big one and they started including Java bundled with the game itself as a portable custom version that doesn't require system install.

I've read up on the zip vs 7z thing and it seems uploads are automatically zipped.  I guess I'm asking for alternate downloads in 7z format for those that are on lower-end hardware (such as the ones that typically play flash games).


I'm not a big fan of downloading something that converts my SWFs to an EXE and distributing them. Call me old fashioned ;-)

I tried 7zip on the highest setting compression and it came out to the same filesize.

I certainly didn't ignore your post, I simply didn't think it would be a problem for the majority. Thanks for linking that SWF2EXE though, people can do it themselves if playing SWF's is an issue.

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Please consider contacting the 'Blue Maxima Flashpoint' Flash Preservation Project here:

Consider providing an open/permissive license for them to preserve and archive your flash games for posterity <3
Doing so will also reach a much wider audience than!

They have a Discord server linked on that page that you can join.  Tell them you're a game dev interested in contributing your games and they will help with the rest.  ;)

I fully admit my own ignorance of this project prior to someone PMing me about it on my Discord server.  It is absolutely wonderful that a 'sandboxed' archive of flash games/demos and gaming history can be preserved for posterity.  ^_^

The way they preserve games runs them in a contained sandbox and mitigates issues with system-based Flash installs or any Flash malware.


I've actually played at least one of your games (Ghostscape) and am very happy to have the full collection. You make awesome games!

Thanks hope you get a few hours entertainment out of 'em ;-)


how do i play games in swf format?


You'll need a SWF player. There's a WikiHow article with a link to one


if they don't open simply by double clicking them you may need an SWF player


cool and good. Amazing Awesome. Thancc!!!

Thanks for checking 'em out!



You are great, thanks for doing this


Thank you!


Awesome, always been a big fan and have supported along the way. Looking forward to future projects. Going back to 2D with 3D elements is great! I enjoyed a demo a while back with theses elements and can't wait to see what you have in store for us.


Thanks so much for the support mate, I have a load of ideas after being a bit quiet for a while so I'm excited to start pumping out some new games!!


Then from a fellow fan to another; you should totally give him some support on patreon if you are able to. I think it would really speed up the process in terms of game development for Psi (Plus he might be able to work on sequels for games we have desperately wanted for years (For example, icescape 4 ;))