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Being One - Episode 6 - FREE DEMO VERSION


This area is purely for testing purposes, feedback and to see how it runs on various PC's.

There's a few things to do like shoot the securicams, find 10 datapads, hack a computer and discover the story so far & find 20 crystals (for no apparent reason as yet)

FEEDBACK:- Please let me know if it runs OK on your PC along with some brief specs if possible. Please let me know about any bugs you encounter and any ideas you have for improvement of the game.

Please share and help me promote this game, I can't do this without you guys!!

Download the zip file, extract it somewhere and run beingone6-DEMO.exe.


beingone6-DEMO.zip 33 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract it somewhere and run beingone6-DEMO.exe.

Development log


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I have a 7 year old Imac running Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 via Bootcamp with a 2.8GHz Intel I7 CPU, 16GB of some old DDR2 ram, and an ATI RAdeon HD4850  with 512mb of Vram. The cards clock speeds, Core: 600MHz & Memory:  976MHz as the workload cap; the driver is for bootcamp and thus is a bit outdated compared to other HD4850 cards. The  version of Open GL it supports is 3.3.10428 and Open GSL version of 3.30. The latest version of Direct X my GPU supports is DX10.1 .

Apologies for that mouthful of text beforehand. I found that I couldn't run the final version of the demo at full native resolution of 2560x140 at Fantastic settings thus, I switched to 1920x1080 and got some frames at 27-20 and I couldn't play at that frame rate so I switched to Good settings and bingo the game looked great and ran smoothly at 40ish frames with my lousy computer. The Controls were neat and responsive. Aiming was quick and smooth without any noticeable dead zones. I found the hopping to feel a bit as if I were spaceman with comms dead jumping on the moon and might suggest that to compliment Being One's enormous strength and agility a grunt of some sort as he lands would make the jumps feel better in my humble opinion. The collectibles felt a bit to easy to find but I suppose that was because the level was on the small side so it makes sense of course. The Puzzles were good as I spent 5 minutes banging my head upon the computer typing in numbers that showed from the malfunctioning ones in the first room not realizing that there was a final frame of text with the codes I was missing. The lighting and props looked shiny and utilitarian with a flair of space age and I found the aesthetic pleasing, the creepiness of the well written data pads with personality and context to the whole picture gave the story what it needed to be significant and enticing for me as the player (;certainly better than that disgrace Destiny2 forgetting events happened in previous installments). The animations were smooth and lifelike or robotlike as they were mostly nano-slaves and drones. I feel as if a reminder of Being One's immortality would be a nice addition to the beginning of the game but I have no idea if this is the beginning of the game as of yet to be completed.

Looking forward to the thrilling next step of your series. A loyal fan.

P.S. Will we ever find out what happened to Earth in future installments, I just need a yes or no nothing in depth?


That is a great piece of feedback - wanna be a beta tester?


If it will help a game I've obsessed about for a while sure. I 'm only available until January though; military service.

I'm sure it will help (and it shouldn't take too much longer to finish) - in the meantime maybe check out Killer Escape 4 which just went live and is FREE during the Halloween period ;-)


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I'm also gonna take a look at the demo,see how much it has developed since January.Also,something to mention.You said that the full version will cost money and that it will be available to buy on your site and on itch.io but what about Steam?It would be nice if the game was on greenlight.

Edit: Completely scratch off of what I've just said.Forgot that Steam Greenlight has been removed and has been replaced with Steam Direct(which is basically almost the same but without the voting system of the community)

Edit #2: Game runs moderate on full settings on:

AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

Video Card
AMD Radeon HD 7670M

Video Card #2
AMD Radeon HD 7520G + HD 7670M Dual Graphics

4.0 GB

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 (build 15063), 64-bit

I may look into STEAM at some point...I have spent the last few weeks converting the whole project to C# as Unity is phasing out UnityScript (which the game was written in ;-))

So I'm basically done now and back to square one but as of next week I can finally start finishing it up the last few levels and polishing ready for release sooooon.


Neat stuff again, interesting to see the series heading in this direction, worked well though! As enjoyable as the previous entries into the series. It worked perfectly fine on my pretty average PC. Always eager to see more Being One!


Cool, I should be finished converting all the code to C# this week and I can get on with actually finishing the game in the next few weeks!

FIXES 25 JULY 2017

1. Intro cinematic finishes after 60 seconds.
2. Escape Quit Menu has controls recap.
3. ALT-TAB on title screen doesn't lose mouse anymore.
4. Carried Items no longer pass through walls but they do react in other weird ways - more work needed ;-)
5. Datapad text now instant display = less annoying.
6. Elevator goes back down after 5 seconds.


Final BETA BUILD coming this week 27 JULY 2017

Lots more stuff added, tweaked and ready for me to work on the FINAL FULL GAME over the next few weeks - MORE INFO SOON.

Thanks for all the support so far!!

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Hello fellow game fans and creators.

I am also following the being series since its first appearance and have stumbled upon this beta version.

Runs fine on best settings in window on a WinXP Sp3, Pentium D @2,66 Mhz, 3 Gb RAM, Nvidia GeForce 5300FX  PC (basically standard low end game computer around 2009).

Also running good on Win 64/I6600@2,2 GHz/Intel GMA 5400/ 4GB (shared RAM with GFX chip) - Lenovo B560 notebook.

Win 64 i5/8GB /nvidia 320 (Thinkpad T510) also running fine and smooth.

Controls are always on the spot. Jumping goes smooth and precise.

I would suggest that you maybe add a climbing action for rough walls or ladders and a pick up action for crates as well as different (mouse)buttons for shooting, activating/picking up/throwing and maybe zoom.  If my suggestions do make sense naturally depends on your ideas for the game design.

The blue static lights on the ceiling sometimes seem to shine through the columns. Repositioning might solve this.

Concerning killer bugs, i have not found many, found the "sneaky" letters, though ;)

The datapads change text to a loading / boot up message although activated when you de focus the game window. Nothing bad, just a bit of irritation. I would prefer a "shining force" text, meaning for everyone annoyed by delayed text appearance (Zelda psychosis ;) ) a "click for complete page immediately" option.

Dead end: You can send the elevator up by jumping back when activating the switch. There are no means to get the elevator down again. Time triggered return or calling buttons may resolve this. Would also be ok if you added a ladder or enough edges to jump up  the endless shaft down although the forced teleport when falling below definitely works, wherever you want to fall off.

Pushing crates and steel balls down the shaft will result in their complete disappearance, when jumping after them.


Nano slaves seem to activate erratically, there is no means telling why they switch from passive mode to attack.

Rycrofts two part passcode needs to be assembled from onscreen messages on two defunct laptops. Maybe you could change the timer settings, the "random" screen output or whatever controls that to some "click for next text" mechanism. Was really  annoying to get through dumb luck "searching" only to receive some already known storyline text.

Yellow doors on the upper floor did not open. I assume that after going up the elevator the demo does not let me go further. (Or i am too dumb to find the key/lock/switch).

All in all, really great work so far. Cannot wait to see this game up and running in full version.( Or at least the next beta with more to explore.) ;)

Great feedback, thank you so much!!

New FINAL DEMO BUILD coming out very very soon. Thanks for your support!


Greetings psionics,

love your games since the first being one, i really enjoyed what exists so far in the beta, the sneaky EE was a nice touch. I played the beta on graphics settings of good on my pc which is not very advanced and ran into no problems, if my toshiba satellite ran it ok other computers should be fine. anyway thanks for making your games and so far this game is coming along great, keep up the good work. 

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!!


Great game so far!! Love how it went from a mostly P&C to this!! 

A suggestion: when you enter the elevator, I suggest you add a door because people can press the button and jump out when it goes up to the next floor! Then when you die, you respawn but the elevator stays at the second floor, so it is impossible to reach! 

Keep up the awesome work!!

Thanks and well spotted...I will fix it.


Game is looking great! love the whole being one series :D keep it up!

Thanks, I should be getting back onto development of this in the near future...updates & news soon!

Thanks for your support!

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Alright so,game runs pretty nice on full settings.The mouse sensitivity is a little bit too much,would be nice to have a setting for that.

The specs I'm running the game are:

CPU: AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7670M

GPU 2: AMD Radeon HD 7520G + HD 7670M Dual Graphics


Side note,love the hidden stuff and the 3D models.Never managed to find the first 2 digits for the password though ;-;.

Will look into a sensitivity setting, thanks for the feedback and the stats, it all helps!!

hint, both broken computers reveal a portion of the code in the random messages


Everything is fine at maximum quality in 1920x1080 with an Amd Phenom II, 4 gigs of RAM and a Nividia GTX 560 (1 gig).

Thanks, really appreciate the feedback!


*Fixed shooting - bullets flying off at weird angles!!

*Removed a load of the special FX to increase playability on lower end machines - Let me know if it runs at a steady 60FPS (or not) for you in the comments below?

Download it, check it out and please give me some feedback, ideas and comments.

Most up to date news on facebook




BEING ONE 6 - BETA VERSION 0.5 - 24 FEB 2017

*Added New area. Will be the hub to the extra levels that the full version will have. You cant open the big yellow doors in the beta!!

*Find 10 data pads.

*Find 20 Crystals.

*Hack 1 computer and discover the story so far (in case you missed it)

*Added hand and gun shoot/idle animations.

*Added various sound FX, atmospherics and 3D Sounds.

*Minor bug fixes in game and in 3D level model.

Download it, check it out and please give me some feedback, ideas and comments.

Most up to date news on facebook


And my website



Coming along very nicely! I liked the hidden password :) The story is becoming quite interesting as well. I already have a theory/idea of who the Being is :) Also those nano soldiers, was not expecting that at all, gave me a good jump! Keep up the great work!


Thanks, more updates coming soon!!


its running very well with my PC and all it is a somewhat good game


Thanks, still early days...lots more stuff to go in there yet ;-)


im just curious but are you going to tie being one into Killer Escape?



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BEING ONE 6 - BETA VERSION 0.4 - 03 FEB 2017

*Added lift to New area - Just an empty room currently.

*Score points for viewing datapads, shooting spycams & collecting crystals (max score 21,000)

*New area - Will be the hub to the extra levels that the full version will have.

*Minor bug fixes in game and in 3D level model.

*Added security camera droid hovering about - You can shoot it now.

Download it, check it out and please give me some feedback, ideas and comments.

Most up to date news on facebook


And my website


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I'm really liking the way this is turning out. It will definitely be the best Being One by far! Thanks for the edition of mouse over text :) I always enjoyed the exploration of the previous titles.


Yeah, I am hoping to keep it mostly exploration and puzzles with occasional shooting - I want to stay true to the point & click games of the previous episodes but with more freedom via the FPS control system.


BEING ONE 6 - BETA VERSION 0.3 - 27 JAN 2017

*Added 10 crystals to collect.

*Added text 'mouse over' system for that point & click feeling ;-)

*Updated datapad image and sound FX.

*New shoot visual FX and aiming directly at mouse now (properly).

*Added hand/gun with no animations YET. Muzzle flash as well.

*Added lockers that can be opened.

*Added security camera droid hovering about (cant shoot it yet though).

*Added more scenery, textures & stuff.

Download it, check it out and please give me some feedback, ideas and comments.

Please share this game on twitter, facebook, reddit etc and help me to promote it so I can continue making games!
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BEING ONE 6 - BETA VERSION 0.2 - 20 JAN 2017

*Added 4 datapads to find and read.

*Added more scenery, textures & stuff.

*Escape = quit.

*New shoot sound FX.

*Added automatic doors.

Download it, check it out, gimme some feedback, ideas and comments.

Please share this page on twitter, facebook, reddit etc and help me to promote it so I can continue making games!

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BEING ONE 6 - BETA VERSION 0.1 - 13 JAN 2017

*Fixed aim, well it's better anyway.

*Fixed gun sticking through walls/objects when up close.

*Removed a bunch of the text objects.

*Added some more scenery elements & static creatures for testing purposes.

Please download it, check it out, gimme some feedback, ideas and comments. Really appreciate it guys!!


looks interesting, nice sounds! Look forward to the next version!

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Awesome! Glad to see another Being One in development :) I've very much enjoyed all of your games over the years. But this series is definitely my favorite! I'm an old school fan of the slideshow/node/panorama style of gameplay but I also enjoy full 3D exploration. With Unity I can see this and future games becoming something even more amazing as well as attracting a larger audience!

The demo runs flawless for me on my laptop. Here are my specs: Windows 10 64bit with i5 5200 at 2.2GHz. Integrated Intel HD 5500 graphics, dedicated 1GB but shared up to 3GB. 6GB of ram. resolution 1366x768. Hope this helps :)


Thank you so much for testing it out and the for the detailed report, it really helps!!

Although it does use an FPS control system it will still be sticking to the puzzle/escape the room roots but hopefully provide a more 're-playable' game with puzzles, 2D mini-games, hacking, files to discover, video elements and I'm also hoping to introduce some secret website links that have short videos embedded on my website - to add secret extra background content that would possibly take up too much space if included in the game.

Anyway, Thanks again and watch this space as the BETA will be advancing rapidly over the next few weeks!



Most welcome, I like what I hear and looking forward to it :)


Great, Beta 0.1 went live today, check it out when you get a min...


Cool, I'm really liking the feel of this. The graphics and effects are very nice. The controls are nice and smooth as well. The alien/monster things caught me by surprise lol.